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About Me


My Story

Once upon a time, I was a spoiled little girl and teenager, I had everything I wanted but I always found it difficult to fit at parties and in groups. I suffered from social anxiety.

I was very shy and I had no confidence in myself. I was bullied at school.

In 1997 I moved to study in the UK, I came first to study English and then I came back to study at University.

My biggest dream was to travel around the world and experience different cultures, learn about different people and grow as a better human every day, understanding better, life as a whole.

Waking up to real life


Until 2000 I lived a comfortable life, I was given what I wanted and even better, I thought I had it all figured out. I came to England from 1997 until 2000 to study English and go to university, but I never finished my studies.

In 2000 everything changed from one day to another.

My father's business went under administration and suddenly it all turned around. My parents were left on the street but a friend of my mother rented them the pool house in her garden which just had 2 rooms but not even a kitchen.

I was totally broke and my family was too. Life was never going to be the same again. I had to leave England because I could no longer pay my rent or university fees. This time it was me, all of the sudden, who had to send money to my parents, instead of them sending it to me as it had been until then. I suddenly had no money in my pockets, I couldn't pay for a ticket to Peru so I went to Spain to work as a nanny for a wealthy family until I saved enough money to buy one. After 2 years in Peru, I couldn't make a living for all of us, so I came back to England. I had no money or anywhere to live, so I slept in a park for the first 2 nights. After the 3rd day, I found a job in a corner shop and I was living in a room where you could not fit 2 people. The job paid for my rent, food and send enough money to my parents for their rent, food and bills,


Soon I had 4 jobs, I worked in an off-license as mentioned above, I was babysitting, helping a property owner as a PA and from 10 pm to 7 am I was filling up shelves in the biggest chain of supermarkets in the UK.

Surviving but not living


After a year I couldn't take it anymore, I started falling into depression and confusion, life could not be about having 4 jobs and sleeping twice a week, as I had to do to keep all the jobs. There had to be more than that to life, that was surviving not living...


I then went to have an office job and suddenly I thought I made it.


After 3 years I moved to the 7th biggest company in the world, at their offices in Cambridge, to be a system administrator and that was my biggest career dream, to be the system admin of a big corporate in an office in my favourite city, Cambridge.

I could remember walking in Cambridge as a student, looking through the windows at people at their desks working in a modern and nice office, "One day that will be me", I used to say ... and that day came faster than expected, I was only 31.

Again I thought this time for sure I made it and I loved my job, I worked there for 3 years. By then I had a daughter and I wanted her to have the childhood I had which was not going to be possible with my salary, so... life changed again.


Learning to live not just survive

In 2009 I decided I had enough, I wanted to have my own business, be financially free and achieve my biggest dreams, I started an online home business in 2009 when I was £30 000 in debt, and now it is a company with 10 employees and we have had more than 5000 clients, between companies and students from all over the world. I have 4 other businesses online and offline. All these have allowed me to visit already every country I wanted to visit, 42 countries and counting, on all 5 continents, it has given me the confidence to speak at conferences in front of thousands of people, and best of all, it makes it possible to give my loved ones the security and lifestyle they deserve,  my salary would have never allowed me to do so. Private education for my daughter, many holidays per year, my mother lives in one of the best areas of the capital city in Peru in front of the sea and I can provide everything she needs and more. I am available to help not just family but friends to even start a business themself and help others I care about when they are in need.


I believe that what I have done right is understanding that anything is possible if you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it and not let anything or anyone come between me and my dreams.


I have had now the opportunity to help others to do the same and I believe that we live only once or at least remember only one life, therefore I want to help others fight for what they want and to learn to never give up. I want to help people to live not to survive!

My mission


I want to help young people to have the choice, to either succeed as employees or as employers, but it should be a choice they can take. They should not believe that it is not meant to be for them or that they can't do it because they don't have a degree, or who their parents are, their environment, or because they don't have money or experience.

I want them to see that achieving their dreams is a choice, it is their choice.

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