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Why sometimes it feels so hard to make your dreams reality

I want to share this moment with you because you may be going through the same in your life. Yesterday I watched something that made me say, STOP Mili STOP for a minute, you may have X amount of years to live (nobody knows how many they have left), SO...

... and here comes what I want to share with you:

Nowadays we are told...

how to be financially free,

how to achieve a great career,

how to succeed in our business,

how to be a better person,

how to become an influencer,

how billionaires think so you may become one,

and much more...

What would YOU love to do or achieve before you go from this world, what do you really want, so when you are leaving this world, you can say with tears in your eyes, I did it, I lived the life I WANTED TO LIVE and I fulfilled my dreams.

What was your dream as a little child, or as a teenager, it doesn't matter if they sounded impossible, but what was YOUR DREAM, BEFORE you started being bombarded through the different media channels with other people's dreams and how to achieve them?

Even worse, other people's dreams sounded so appealing to you that you felt that they would be a great dream to have, and suddenly you want to achieve that, and you go for it and try to achieve it, but it wasn't your dream to start with and you are finding it extra hard to achieve it.

Have you asked yourself, if you could just see yourself on the last day of your life, "What would YOU have loved to do, be or achieve in your life? What do you think you will reply to that? The answer should not be about money, money is a tool but not the end result.

Yesterday, I watched something that has shaken the very fundamentals of my existence, I watched NYAD. The real-life story of Diana Nyad, who in her 60s swam from Cuba to Key West in Florida, 103 miles in almost 3 days without stopping, unattended, without a shark cage, against storms, currents, sharks, jellyfish and even her own body's health. After watching the movie, I watched her talk at a TED conference on YouTube.

It was her dream since she was in her 20s, she had it clear and she achieved it against all odds because that was her dream and her purpose was to inspire people to NEVER GIVE UP, FIND THE WAY and YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD.

What is the end result for YOU? It doesn't have to be extreme; it can be anything. Do you have it clear? What do YOU want?

People say you are never too old, but the earlier you figure this out, the sooner you stop wasting time on other things and the more time you have to actually enjoy it, so...

STOP! Just STOP! If you are reading this, just STOP and answer the questions above. Is it clear in your mind? Do you feel strong about it, are they your dreams or someone else's dreams? Or maybe, you feel that you don't have a dream, something you are passionate about? Well, then ask yourself as if it was the last day of your life, old in a bed, what would you have liked to do in your life, ask yourself that question, now that you still have time to do it.

What about purpose in life...

Now more than ever I understand what my purpose is.

I hope that what I will say now will help you. I am going to share this with you to show you the difference between, things you want to happen and they never did no matter what you do, and things that you want to happen feel easier to make happen.

Everything I had as a dream, as my dream in life, I am grateful to say, I have now achieved them. And you must be thinking "Good for you" so?

Bear with me...

It wasn't in any way easy but totally worth it, they happened the way I wanted them to happen, and most of them in the eyes of my friends and family were impossible. And then, there were the "dreams" I borrowed from society that weren't mine and I never managed to achieve them even though I tried really hard, but I gave up.

The things you are told you have to achieve, the things you believe you should achieve, and you will be proud of if you achieved them, but they are not your dreams therefore they won't give you enough power within you to make them happen unless they are yours too.

I can tell you already that most likely, you will not achieve your dreams if they are not 100% yours.

A dream can be anything, very small or "impossible" in your eyes, and when you achieve it, it will make your life feel fulfilled and you will feel deep happiness no matter what happened in your life, how much you suffered or how difficult it was. Achieving your biggest dreams can turn your life around and your happiness will inspire others to do the same.

Not everybody really wants to be the next Elon Musk, but he wanted to make an impact in the world, since he was young, he didn't know how but he knew that is what he wanted and that is why it happened.

The How is not the important part, the How comes when you are 100% sure you can achieve the result.

And it is easier to achieve dreams that are not just a benefit to you but to others because naturally, humans tend to feel more satisfaction making other people happy than just themselves.

Where do I want to get with this article ...

STOP, STOP and think, what are YOUR dreams, am I wasting time and maybe never get anywhere because it wasn’t my dream, or maybe, what is my purpose in life now that I have achieved all my dreams, am I still not fulfilled with my life? I feel there must be a purpose to it. Yes, I believe we all have a purpose and you will find it when you stop listening to all the noise in the world and just focus on the things that you have done in your life, what has made you the happiest, what has fulfilled you most and how can you make a difference by doing that.

Are you doing all you are doing, everything you do since you wake up in the morning to chase your dreams? If you are chasing a dream built by what society says or you think is the right thing to do to make someone else happy, you could be wasting precious time trying and trying and never getting there.

Remember that, you can't make anyone happy if you are not, so start chasing your dreams, you have what it takes in you (even if you don't think so) to make it happen. You might need to work on your self-esteem, self-confidence and finding the way, but if it is your dream it is up to you to make it happen and YOU WILL.

That is what many people call, manifestation. We have it in us, we just need to have a clear idea of what we want and then learn how to connect with our core as humans, our intuition, the power within us to make things happen, mindset. Manifesting is something we all have within us.

Mili Ponce

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